It is a stormy day at sea
so the Mariners fly inland.
They don't stop to rest till they are away
From their greeny grey home.

They fly above screeching cwee cwee cwee
They are graceful Mariners
The most graceful ever seen.

They are restless and they fly very high
And swoop down hardly daring to stop.

They are beautiful as they spread their wings out.
Oh Mariner Gulls you graceful birds.
Go home now
The sea is calm
Your salty dark home is waiting for you.


A fish was swimming around in the sea
When he lost his tail, "O dearie me"
"You naughty boy" his mother said
"Now go and look for it on the sea bed"
The fish searched, then he saw a passing cloud
"Have you seen my tail?" he cried aloud.
Said the cloud "Why yes-
The last time I saw it
It was in the hands of the mermaid Bess"
"Thank you " cried the fish
When he asked Bess
She produced it
On a golden dish.


Cold blustery weather, an icy nip is
In the air. The fading winters sun
Shines on to the pale blue sea
Not a sound except for the frothy
Waves turning over restlessly, as
If they like the stormy weather.
Doing somersaults tossing bits of
Wood onto the lonely Golden beach.
The wind howls as if laughing
At their play. A mist creeps round
Making the sea and beach
Look grey. The beach is longing to
Have children on her warm sands,
Building sand castles. She wishes to
Play with the sea. Now and again
A wave lingers on the comfort of the beach,
Then rushes back with a crash. Then
All is still, except for the crashing of the waves

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