Jane and her brother, Jim


The quiet peaceful land of Wales
Where sheep wander around freely
The fresh wind blows in your face
The pretty tinkle of the rivers
Who would want to leave this land?

The land of the happy, of the playful
The streams run by in no hurry.
The breeze, the sun and the grass
They all seem to be different
Wales has no equal at all.

A world of friendly people
Of very happy people.
Oh how I love and long for Wales-
The land of happiness, of mountains.

The poem below was written in September 1968,
before Jane went up to the Senior School

I look around me
And I find myself going
Up in the world
There I am leaving Junior School
I am going to a Senior School
Leaving behind me memories
Happy memories of fun
Enjoyment, happiness
Of stories after lessons.
A world all my own
I started at 5, left at 11,
I loved my happy years
I tried my best.

This was the last poem that Jane's mother found several days after her accident.
The last two lines seemed as though they had been written in the past tense.

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