There are poor people and humble
And people who mumble
And people who sing
And long to become Queen or King
And sit in the sunshine
Sipping ice cold wine
And people who are happy
And can change a baby's nappy
And can sing for joy, or likes playing
With one thing for a toy.
Or people who laugh-or buy a calf.
Or people who can dance
Or children who prance
Or a blacksmith who makes a
Weather-cock for steeple,
Those are different kinds of people.

The following poem was written in January 1966,
when Jane was 8 and a half years old.


Money is a thing that everybody likes
Some people say its evil,
But it's the way people handle money that makes it evil.

You think that money is everything
but it is not.

To be alive is everything
To have a Mother and a Father is everything
To have a shelter and to have a family and
Friends that are kind to you is everything.

But we cant live without it
Some people do in places far off
And places where there are a lot of slums

Everything costs so much
That we cant be poor and be out of
Work like other people are now
Because of the Credit Squeeze.

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