Jane Elizabeth Perry,
Who loved all pretty things.
Born July 21st 1957.
A blossoming flower plucked from this earth on September 11th 1968.
Aged 11 years

The following pages are a celebration of the life of, and a tribute to, a little girl who was tragically killed by a car coming home after her first day at her new comprehensive school.

She was a very talented little girl, as you will see from the writings that are being presented here. She had a knowledge way beyond her years as they show. They also show the deep intense love she had for her mother.

She loved colours and made a point of writing her poetry in different coloured crayons.
She loved ballet and Swan Lake was one of her favourite pieces of music.
She also loved the "Sound Of Music" film.
"Hey Jude" was a favourite song.

She was an avid reader of many books and this perhaps helped her with her great knowledge of words and how to spell them.
She used to go to school in Bishopsworth in Bristol where the Malago Valley is situated.

Come in and read the beautiful poems and prayers that Jane left behind.

Jane also wrote and illustrated a small book, which has been printed using her own handwriting and drawings. The book includes the poems from this site and is available for sale in aid of the British Heart Foundation.
They are 4-50p each plus 50p p/p. UK only.
Also available for overseas posting. Postage will be at Current rate depending on destination. For details on how to get your copy, e-mail Here